Lidless Eye


From a dark place he
Scans horizon and land to regain what is his
Trough the wasteland he
Reaches out to your dream and he's found what he miss

Rise to the task you've been chosen to do
Your destiny's what lies ahead of you
All of our trust, our hope and our lives
Is in your hands, so keep your virtues true

Now his eye never sleeps, his eye never rests
It is upon you, watches your step
To bind and to hold, to cast and to mold
The eye is upon you

From a dark place he
Sends his servants to find the one who (in darkness) binds them all
Riding on the wind
Cloaked in fear black as night, can you hear them call?

Walk down the path that's been chosen for you
And in the hills we'll make our final stand
Run for your life, for the lives of us all
To your death, to your fall or till the end

Now his eyes…
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