Ashes To Ashes... Death To All


Bells of doom-begun singing
As it had be sung before the creation
In heaven it was when the light was born
In Hell it is where the Morning star shines
Closer the sin is than the purity guards
The soul that weeps mortify in the insane confession
Closer the sin is than the liturgy bitterness
With shame spoken as the prayer of hope

The air so fresh they won't breathe no more
And no tear shall cure their dried eyes
Dawn rises burning and brings no solace
Ashes to Ashes... Death to All!

Wind demons started the dance so ancient
To fidgeting in the strange air's vibrations
Swallowed they filled everyone with the desire to harm
Exhaled they murdered all those who believed their dreams
Closer the sin is than the church of obedience
Into the blindness and madness it dwells
Closer the sin is than the fear of god
That burdens the believers with penitence

To the heaven so high they won't fly
And no wish of angel can stop the marauder
Dawn rises burnt by the spells of Samael
Ashes to Ashes... Death to All!

Awaken by the blast of infernal rage
Purification agony is inexorable
Death... Death to All!
There's no survival from the last strike of convulsion
Even the sacredness is no longer eternal
Death... Death to All!

No mortal deserves to live amongst the Undead
So they will suffer when realize that virtue is higher damnation
Bells of doom singing the mystical anthem
As it let be written long before the creation
In heaven the death's cold blade continuous the art of havoc
In hell that on earth is revealed we Praise The Name Of Satan
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