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Fuck Your Life

Tide Maniacs

These women sluts
You fall in love make you sucker
Pretend to be passionate and then
To give a kick in the ass and get back to daniel

Fuck that shit and this
I was born only to suffer

I want a beautiful sexy woman
Wonderful companion
And this woman is not shown

I love my god

And today the thirty-first of october two thousand and eleven
I'm alone because the victory of the river bitch
Eluded me and i fell in love and chose the son of a bitch daniel

I made this music to protest because these women
Say that agent does not pay
The more they are worse than agent
These bitches bitches

Hate them

They love the most

Today and forever i love my god my friend my friend my confidant

And i believe that when i become famous people will laugh at this song but at least they will feel what i feel

I'm very sad and i'll take my coke
I finished dinner and go to sleep
And try to forget this bitch
Good night and not fall in love
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