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Why I Live?


My life is like a stone
Have much sadness, and no party
I'm very depressive
My life is going away...

I don't wanna live more
I'm so, so sad. I'm dead
In the the Earth my life was finished
Now I'm gonna be a dog, an cat of a fish...

Why I live?
This is don't a dream
Why I live?
Why I live?

You will cry with my death
Cause you've lost your enemy
Who work to make you happy?
I'ts so, so, so sad

Why I don't have more friends?
You're in the Earth and I in the sky
I don't live more...


Why I Live?
This isn't a dream
Why I live?
Why I live?
I don't live more...

For my mom and dad
I'm alive, I don't wanna death...
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