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New Eldorado (Qapaq Ñan)


New myths from ancient tales
Like whispers, words of mouth
I´m looking for a new horizon,inside me
A new legend, a new journey
This time to distant places
Right where your heart should be forever!

If a desert became a garden
Beyond the nature's laws
A golden figure! An old belief? A lie!
A delusion?

I'll be alive 'cause I am searching for the real treasures
Beyond the limits of my mind
New Eldorado shining
Takes us to an old illusion
Unrevealed wisdom, all around
It's time to choose your destiny; don't think of giving up
Across the river: golden lights

There's no sun in the skies
And the moon will not rise
Qapaq Ñan my own way
Vows of blood for Inti

Eldorado! All around!
One with the forces we are bound
Silver tears! Qapaq Ñan
Vows of blood for Inti

A flame lights in her eyes
On the edge and then higer
To resent, to forgive
Fallen souls, tragic sins

Qapaq Ñan!
Vows of blood!

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