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Dirty Kitchen Eternity


The harder I struggle, the tighter you grip, but don't need to tell you,
that's the way I want it, I'm easy to follow, you're easy to spot, I bet
I can shake you off, but I gotta want it. What good are the times that I
catch you alone? It took eternity and I forgot what I wanted, what good
are the times that I take you to task? You get me distracted and I
forget that I'm mad. I'm up on the counter, you're down on the floor,
the kitchen is dirty, pots and pans are flying, no food in the cupboard,
a knock on the door, let's give it a rest now, buy a beer at the corner
store. I'm going to bed now dear but you still want more, and every
single word you say I've heard before, oh, you're an angel when you're
in recline, and like an anxious fist my lullabye works fine. Lullabye
and goodnight, ain't that a great song? You're an angel in recline,
please go to bed dear, please go to bed dear, please.
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