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Consuming Fire

Tim Hughes

A while back, our church in watford, england was going through a season of really calling out for more of god. Ine sunday our associate pastor was speaking and kept using the phrase, "there must be more." that struck me. we've seen glimpses of god's greatness and glory, but there is still so much more to discover. I went home and started writing the song. it's a cry for god to fill us anew, to deepen our passion for him, to do all that he wants among us. it's a cry for more

There must be more than this
O breath of god, come breathe within
There must be more than this
Spirit of god we wait for you
Fill us anew we pray
Fill us anew we pray

Consuming fire, fan into flames
A passion for your name
Spirit of god, fall in this place
Lord have your way
Lord have your way with us

Come like a rushing wind
Clothe us with power from on high
Now set the captives free
Leave us abandoned to your praise
Lord let your glory fall
Lord let your glory fall

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