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I Wish My Baby Was Born (com Tim Eriksen e Riley Baugus)

Tim O'Brien

I wish, I wish
My baby was born
And sittin' on
It's papa's knee
And me, poor girl
And me, poor girl
We're dead and gone
And the green grass
Growin' o'er my feet
I ain't ahead
Nor never will be
Till the sweet
Apple grows
On a sour apple tree

But still I hope
The time will come
When you and I
Shall be as one

I wish, I wish
My love had died
And sent his soul
To wander free
Then we might need
Then we might need
Our ribbons five
Let our poor body
Rest in peace

The owl, the owl
Is a lonely bird
It chills my heart
With dread and terror
That someone's blood
That someone's blood
There on his wing
That someone's blood
There on his feather
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