Return Of The Werewolf

Timeless Miracle

The wind was still, the moon was full that night
When she heard a sound that sent a shiver down her spine

Something came up from behind, she could feel it breath
Now she knew it had returned, the prophecy come true

Running screaming, little red was scared
Coming closer, faster was those burning yellow eyes

She tripped and felt onto the ground, the beast was on her tail
Just outside her grandma's house her final scream was heard

Look at me, you will see what the moon has done to me
I'm a child of the brightest of nights
Come to me, you'll be free, of the trouble life can be
Into Hell I will send your lost soul!
I will drag you into darkness

So the story goes of little red
Who went to see her grandma on the moonlit night

She dreamt of places far away from here, she strayed from the trail
Walked into the wolfen's lair, now death was on its way

When night had turned to morning she was found
In the clearing by her grandma's house, she had died

Her heart's been torn out of her chest! Blood was everywhere
A little girl's been killed again. Oh God, when would it end?

The moon, I see, oh the Moon, I feel
How many nights we spent together?
You are my life, my most trusted friend
I am only what you have made me
The stars all shine in owe of you
The oceans heed thy call
And I am just a servant to thy will
The kingdom of the night is yours
So guide me on my way
Show me life to end and I obey

Father, take this heart I bring. Father are you proud?
I, your son, the chosen one, have heard your call again
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