1. 1

    Tityo - 1989

  2. 2

    Tityo - Come Along

  3. 3

    Tityo - Hold Her Tight

  4. 4

    Tityo - Love Has Left Your Eye

  5. 5

    Tityo - Right Or Wrong



Well I'm afraid of that picture from 1989 Faded colours and worn out texture from 1989 Oh my, oh my Well I've been young and I've been stupid it's left behind I regret the things that I did and I feel fine CHORUS We can' t go on like this Go on yourself like this We can't go on like it's 1989 Oh no, oh my Well let's go back I'll be your angel I'll make a deal with time I don't know if that would change you or give you a peace of mind CHORUS 1989 (3 x) CHORUS 1989 (3x) Can't go on, no Can't go on like this, oh no Can't go on, we gotta move on now we gotta move on (x2) Gotta move on now, now

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