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Kurt Angle - "Gold Medal"


I'm focused
Dead up
Don't get up, or never let up
I'm fed up
Dismissing the competition
it's hopless,
I'll trash their ambition
Ya'll want a class on tradition
On one condition
Forget the best of the century
Ya'll talk about the best of all-time
you better mention me
Essentially, I'm the best there's ever gonna be
I hold my ground
You'll never take it from under me
And up under me, it's gonna be trouble
Hit you so many times,
you see triple and double,
instead of one of me
I got more heart, more ways
to tear you, apart
Lay you down early on
Or maybe in the later round
It's no different to me
You tap out, cash out,
or simply pass out, to breathe
Cause you face down... really
And barely alive, cause I'm an animal inside
Hear me

I'm what the game is supposed to be
Hopefully, you see what I mean
Knock you out, haven't seen
You were beaten by a triple team
Box you out, the whole scene and gleam
The limelight's my dream, I shine bright
Smash you! Front to back,
You gon' need hindsight
In fact, when I attack
You lucky if I leave you intact
I'm prone to overkill
Work you over, til' I steal your motorskills
It's the same whenever I'm done
Your numb toe to thumb
and most can't remember their names
or where they're from
And some speechless, stunned, lookin' deaf and dumb
You're weak like 7 days
Then afraid, I'm amazed ya'll still step up
'Cause I hit more men than Jenna Jameson in better days
Can't clear your heads, you wanted Jenna Haze

You want the man, you got him
And you can spot him, every Thursday night on TNA
It's like a spotlight, and main events in his DNA
"Who you say?" It's Kurt Angle
Beneath you'll settle,
The best in the world
Only guy in the sport with a gold medal
Future fold ends to the center
Physical and mental
Cause he's simply better
Quit playing around with those second attacks
He'll lay you down for a three second nap on the mat,
If staring at the ceiling on your back is appealing
Get yourself a match and you gon' do that
It's a rap, you're trapped in the game
You a rat in a maze
Just amazed how I made my name,
My fame is a runaway train on the tracks
I fight like my life's on the line everynight, in fact
That's why I'm gonna take that strap.
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