Iron Man 3

Toby Turner

Spinning tree, snow falling,
Superhero falling.
Heart battery's almost gone,
He's been getting picked on.

His life flashes before him.
Reporters all swarm him.

He just wants to play with his toys...
Leave him be.
Pick up your room,
Wash your sheets in the (washing)war machine.

Ash to ash,
Dust to dust.
Helicopters pass.
Don't trust him in any movie.

If you're having problems
Don't bring someone else
In the bedroom this april.

Blow up your suits,
Cuz it's awkward now.

Hood flip,
Red carpet.
Bad robot.
Step, grab, kiss ms. potts.

Breath, punch.
Cabin pressure compromised,
Everybody gonna die.
('cept the hot one)

Pepper cries.
Broken mask.
Gaudy rings.

He hates his job.
Glowing through the fog.
Cock a pistol.
Helicopters lock and load a bunch of missles.

Tony senses something's up.
Slow-motion look up.

Helicopters want to throw a
House warming party.
Everyone's having a blast...(too soon?)

Surfing a mountain.
Does insurance cover a missle induced
Guess he doesn't have to clean his room now.

Don't let gravity bring you down...
Is this the intro from bioshock?
No, it's...iron man 3
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