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Children Of The Sun

Toccata Magna

Oh Lord Who says:
- "Let there be dawn,
Let it grow light"

- "Let there be day,
Let there be night"
Anga stars so quiet

Azure-blue eyes of the night, revealing me visions
Strangers arrives on this land, a blind faith

I'm just a child, can't understand, answers inside
Under the moon, the light coming soon, Killa besides me

Intihuatanas! Pachamama is wishpering!
Secrets of earth
Father Sun down on me!

While I can ride on the wings of my dreams,
I will fly away (away from here!)
While we can ride on the wings of our dreams,
We still can be (Children of the Sun!)

Who will dare count the stars, Lord of Inka skies?
As a gift from the Sun
Newborn souls

In the deepest brilliant star dived his fatherly sight
Take me to the highs (of paradise!)
Where have you went astray
So far from my heart,
Return to life (oh, little child!)

Together still believing
Last prayers shall be done
Leaving huynai our history
We are Children of the Sun!

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