Tears, tears are falling down your window pane,
For the years, years all the time he caused you pain. (rept.)

Verse 1
The first day you met him he was a perfect gentleman.
Nobody knew what he had in store for you.
As the seasons changed he changed
and then you knew that it was over the first day he laid hands on you.

Verse 2
Hit the road, shut the door, yuh nuh want him back no more
Yuh did a warn, him never listen and him did a ignore
Now things can't go back to the way they were before,
even with the rings and the bling and the things from the store
Yuh tell yourself no dis yuh nah go take it when the violence get domestic
Dat nuh make it.
Life is the most precious thing when yuh check it.
Time to move on,
its for the best so don't regret it.

Verse 3
Its been so long he's hurt you girl
And I know.
You've been crying your eyes out baby it shows
Put your hand in mine.
Let me dry your tears you'll get through it.
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