Alcohol And Jake Blues

Tommy Johnson

Alcohol, alcohol, cryin', sure Lord's killing me (spoken: Is that so, boy?)
Alcohol, mama, sure, Lord, killing me (spoken: Ought to let it alone, then!)
Alcohol don't kill me, I believe, Lord, I'll never die

I woke up early this morning, crying, alcohol 'round my bed (spoken: What happened then?)
Woke up this morning, alcohol was 'round my bed
Says, "I'm gonna get drunk, I'm gonna have to speak my trouble in mind"

Mmm, mmm, (spoken: Oh, moan it a long time) mmm
Mmm, I ain't gonna be here long (spoken: Moan it a long time, boy)
Says, "I'm leaving town, I'm going to worry you off my mind"

I drink so much of Jake, till it done give me the limber leg
(spoken: And that's sure to mess you up)
Drinking so much of Jake, till it done give me the limber leg
(spoken: Sure messes you up, boy, [there's no cure for] that)
If I don't quit drinking it every morning, sure gonna kill me dead (spoken: You ain't no lying man)

Mmm, mmm
Mmm, (spoken: You ain't got), alcohol gonna kill me dead
And if it don't kill me, Lord, it sure gonna put me down
(spoken: You ain't gotta put 'em on me 'cause you got 'em)

I woke up, up this morning, crying, alcohol on my mind
Woke up this morning, alcohol was on my mind
I got them alcohol blues and I can't rest easy here
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