What's That (Que Eso)

Tony Touch

[Mos Def]
Took spanish one for four years, just so you know
Spit my shit right here

Puedame, malo muchacho
Mos Def con Tony Flaco, el idioma que yo hablo
Pretty young champ like Camacho, spittin the hot flow
B-Boy shout, Zulo could stop O, bro
You know my stilo, cigarrillo con tamarindo
Papi chulo negro, saros amarillo
Yo soy suave hito campion nacional como Tito
Bringin the heat bro, unique when I speak yo
Doin my Way like Carlito, beats by M-A-S-E-O
From Panama to Puerto Rico, play my jam on caliente noventisiete
On the expressway, and press play, see what ya neck say
Duro siempre, parami hente, garamos
Se acabo de ganamos, corrio, alze la mano
Blowin ya spot like I got toast
A lotta MC's is Def, but they ain't Mos, and not close
Understand it when I shine, all your light is through
Ya niggas wack in one language, I'm nice in two, f**k is you

[Chorus 2X]
Que eso? Tu no sabe mi sonido
Siempre, ganamos nunca perdimos
Para che? Bianco, Negro, Latino
Del mundo, quando unto, che profundo

I got chips, to ziplock, rips to burst
Nine conventional, original B-Boy, my peeps call me Merc'
I'm from N.Y.C., so see Y in me
There's a lot of hustlin, found around my cheek
Sippin strawberry daq, that ain't never been f**ked
Try to catch me off balance, man, you shit outta luck
Cuz we got more rams, and I drivin y'all
Got the people like the jams, more live than y'all
I'm wit Tone Touch, while ya all touched in the head
Such a lethal combination, got you facin the red
And um, yo, you don't want no parts in that
You style so pussy, last name should be Cat
We takin it back, like flea stacks and pile longs
Wit the ladies in a frenzy, runnin they nylon
Reveal flesh to test, cuz I love bruisin 'em

Treat my battles like my children nigga, I'm never losin 'em

[Chorus 2X]
Aiyo, what's that? You don't know, that's my sound yo
No one can rock like this, we put it down y'all
For who? Black, white, purple or brown yo
It's Mos, De La, and Touch, we hold the crown yo

Pardon me son, but the only Spanish I knew, was dame un beso
Cut bitches wit niggas, who nettin the peso
Ya breathin on beats like this, if you say so
I stay sippin on God theories, so where the case yo?
Wait flow on four floors like film edits
F**k sayin the name, you read it in the credits
Sit that ass down on my lyrics
We servin niggas up some beans and rice, everything is
Heavy metal thing, rock, wit most and pot stiners
Written flows get broke down by the comas
From L.I. lawn, I green shit up in my wallets
To fly the wrong places, and get red like scarlet
How I dollar it, I just earn the say
So when the itchy itchy come, I satisfy the crave
And let it fall a little too much
I let Tone touch my ears to let the bullshit disappear

[Tony Touch]
Pafuera, tu non sabe, mi manera
Native tongue, puttin it down, done qiera
De La, Mos Def wit a candela
Boriquen, que bonita bandera
Respect the unprotected be necks to catch a pela
I send ya all runnin home to ya buela
Cash rap over a beat or acapella
Kick a wicked rhyme like a fortune teller
This fella, se pone feo quando llego
I still be shoutin cats in San Diego
I'm still in effect, and I'm still doin the wevo
I still be puttin it down, til I'm a pieho
Man, you can't tell me nuthin about the huego
I told ya suckas before, leggo my eggo
Yet you insist upon playin wit fuego
But I catch you on the rebound, hasta luego, pendejo

[Chorus 2X: *Spanish*]
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