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No More


I'm not depend on
To stay by your side
I've written the story about you and me

If you depend
Of your sad youth
It's not my problem and i won't keep it

Before i hated
But now i know
You believe in everything that you see

Look at my face
So what do you see?
The eyes of story looking to breeze

Nothing that i do
Satisfy my anger
I wanna live in peace
Too far from my hate

Hear your voice
It's nothing to me
I've had everything
That i need to live

And no more!!! pain in disaster
No more!!! hate i live out side beside you
No more!!! hate i desire
No more!!! to me and your sad youth (2x)

In my regret
I prayed for you
I don't believe in god, i have no faith

So what do i do?
My prayer for you
I just wanna see your life better than you
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