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Get Your Knees


People without Faith
Believe him
Clame to him
Feel the hate and The Pain
Running in your Veins
Watch The End
Have Fear of Life
Because The Death is the only Way Out!!!

(Chorus) Close your Eyes, To The World
And Open then full of Blood, for The Chaos
Die! Die! Die! Die!!!

Feel The Begin of the Armagedon
Feel The Wish to Kill, And Go Kill
Feel The Wish to Shoot, And Go Kill
Shoot yourself from The Tallest Building
And Kill this Wish that's "Murdering You!" (2X)

(Soul) "Get Your Knees, Clame for your Soul". (2X)

And Burn!!!

(Solo, Chorus & Soul)

The hate only Makes
The pain grow in my Heart
Spreads The Rage and the Epidemies
Like The Rats
"Feel The Rage
Feel It, Show It!!!" (2X)

(Chorus - 2X)

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