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Just Exist

Touché Amoré

I was once asked how I'd like to remembered
And I simply smiled and said: I'd rather stay forever
It was possibly my loudest cliché
But no better than just walking away
I don't know what my legacy will bring
A song, some words I wrote, or a kid I’ll never see
All of these things scare me half to death
I'll suffer the dangers hoping for the best
But that's not say I don't think that all of this can change
But that's not to say I won't wake up some day where the light is bright
That I'm gonna be okay

If again I'm asked how I'd like to be remembered
Next time I'll be better prepared for the answer
But you'll never know much of the truth so I'll just exist
It's all I can do

So much to consider, and too much to grasp
To swallow mortality is enough of task, and leaving your mortgage just too much to ask

I'll just bow my head, and leave out the back
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