Towers of London

And I, I could be king
If you laid down on your knees
Get it on get it on
For Tomorrow

And when im down
I don't feel so tough
But im never gonna give up on you
Get it on get it on
Cause its never gonna be the same

I could be king
I could be king
For a day
I could be king

Dont doubt me I was just appalling
Blue skies gone and now its a pouring

You ask the questions now who's
working it out??

Shut that door think about what you say
I burnt my bridge and now i'll do it my way
Tomorrows gone but it wont be long

Till my hips start shakin' and im ready to go
Favourite bands on the radio
And just want you to know

I could be king
I could be king
I could be king
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