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When Silence Cries...

Trail of Tears

When silence cries
Is it what I feel?
- Or is it what you really long to be?
Depression grows again
To you I pledge my guilt
Deserted fields I strole
- There is no relief

The bleeding night, surrounds you like a darkened veil
- The echoes wake my sleeping thoughts
The distant voice, it cries again
- I realise it's not a dream, like a journey in solitude
Ignore what I once did say

When silence cries

The pleasant feeling of something dying (she said)
- Upon the innocent it will rise once again
A tear I spill, in silence
- Punish the word of wisdom that I once gave

When silence cries
A passage of dreams
- A passage of dreams and memories
Tiny little screams
- Feeble yet reveiled
Fading now is my Oblivion

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