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Easy Read

Trashcan Sinatras

Sometimes at night he'll phone me - he's lonely
He think he's wrong when he's right - I'm glad he's back
I stood outside, I never went in well, he wouldn't let me by
And I knew I had to get in there. Then I had this idea -
'Got to get the keys from my good friend'
I blew out smoke
And in the haze I saw to my surprise (It made me cry)
That it's harder not to drown
When the biggest trade on this earth is lost and found
Disco dancing in the morning, easy read sitting yawning
Nobody wants you here at all
When it's time, you can say -
'Hey there's more than one place to stay'
Let's go dancing in the morning, easy read - coffin yawning
Over the moon and under the influence
Here's what he said 'Take me away'
Really don't want to be here
And nobody wants you here at all
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