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Judge Me


How can you judge me you don't know me
You don't know my heart you don't know my mind
And you certainly wouldn't condescend
To speak to any of my kind
My heart is open for you to discern
Don't need to listen to me
There's nothing that you can learn
And you definitely wouldn't comprehend
Any of the reasons I choose not to burn
Judge not, judge not
Judge me only by the standards
That you will be judged
You judge this, you judge that
You can't say that God's Word is not in what we play
And you definitely wouldn't comprehend
Any of the things that we say
Will you go with me to sit at his feet
Together we will fall on our face and His will we will see
Only then will we comprehend the balance
Which we meet
(I hate the devil
The devil hates me)

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