Tranny Chaser

Tribe 8

Ru Paul Ru
I got the hots for you

Justin Bond
I been waiting so long

Mistress Formika
Gee I really like ya

Joan Jet Black
On you I do be macking

I'm a tranny chaser
Manly made up faces
With your corsets laced up
Set my heart to racing
Skirt as big as a postage stamp
Package tantalizing just
Below the hem
Tell me how do you spell camp

Hey Miss Guy
Spinning platters
With your hair all high

G-Spot Greg
Spandex wrapped
All around your legs

Chloe Transister
No straight boy can
Resist ya

Birdie Bob
I wanna slime your knob

I'm a tranny chaser
Gimme chix with dix
I bring'em beer and daisies
And lollypops to lick

He's so fierce my girl Ru Paul
He's the girl who's got it all
He ain't shady he's a star
The higher the hair the bigger the heart
The higher the hair the closer to God

Took one look and i shot my wad
I wish I was his boyfriend
His tuck I would be hoisting
Right into my mouth
Then I'd make him feel good
Lynnee in the house of love

Justin Bond
Lounge-singing Sex bomb

Languid blonde
Him and my mom
Form the Jackie-O fan club

Iron fist in a velvet glove
Tenderized voice made of lost lovers

Ru Paul Ru
I'm obsessed with you
Go to the disco every day
Tell the DJ what to play
Work him until his nerves are frayed
Till he plays that song about shade
Supermodel of the world

Flawless as a real girl

I'm a tranny chaser
It's always a dead end
They treat me like I'm a dirty old man
Get my girl to strap it on
Come on baby let's pretend
You're a D-R-A-G-Q-U-E-E-N

Silly faggot dicks are for dykes!
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