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Who We Are

Tristan Prettyman

I would grant all your wishes
If you promised me a thousand kisses
I will never, love another, like you
So give me all your secrets
Your fear and doubts, honey you don’t need them
I will never, find another, like you
And the airs getting thin
Where the wings meet the wind
We see it, we can feel it and we know this

I believe in something more
All the days that came before
Led us right to where we are
Right to where we are
It’s all written in the stars
We’ve already come so far
And we can’t change who we are
Ah ah who we are
Oh oh oh oh oh oh who we are
Oh oh oh oh oh oh who we are

I don’t have all the answers
But right now is all the matters
I could never, love another, like I loved you
And we don’t have to understand
Fate always has the upper hand
And fate choose me and you
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