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Tan Pinga Ra Tan

Tuatha De Danann

Give me your hands- please leave here your fears
Let's fly away cause the past await us
Forget your name and open your eyes
The magic is done
Here in the woods the elves dance and sing
Sing to the birds from the moon and the trees
They were your friends- great friends you've forgotten
They dwell in your dreams
Try to believe the magic is real- Look around you
So run in the fields- Dance with the fairies
And forget your rules- Welcome to our land

Tan Pinga Rá tan- Tan Pinga Rá tan
Tan Pinga Rá Tan -Pinga rá Tan

Wonderful pleasures awaiting you here in our gorgeous land
The dwarves hand by hand fairies calling for you
Come with us- Let's drink the magic poison our treasure
Your mind will open- you'll never be the same
Come here, dear friend, come to pinga ra tan... (10x)
This magical land we hide will be your sweet paradise
Come to Tan pinga ra tan unite with the charmed ones

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