Sweet William


I saw you kiss sweet William
In a forest of red leaves
The rain ran cold against my neck
The wind lay down to sleep
I walked all night in stillness
And I walked all day as well
I walked across the desert plains
And through the jagged hills
I slept inside the north wind
In a coracle at sea
And in the deepest darkest woods
My dreams sang songs to me
I dreamed I killed sweet William
And I kissed his cold white brow
I washed his body in the lake
And I sewed his eyelids down
Sing a song of sixpence
Battles in the past tense
Picked out by the snow
If I should find sweet William
Lying pale beneath the snow
I'll row out to the deepest depths
And let sweet William go
I'll watch him sink beneath the flood
And back to where he came
And pray to God and death and blood
I might forget his name
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