Call It Love


She goes around with her girlfriends
She says it's nothing at all
Two shadows in the dark keep me waiting (hold on)
One step away from the fall (so long)
I hear the same old story
Do no why but I feel sorry
Three words do nothing for me
We can't be in love
It's just not helping

Call me in the night to say that you're running late
Something isn't right when they tell you no need to wait
Call me on this bluff, that's it I had enough
I can't explain how she can Call It Love

She says she got something to tell me (hold on)
She thinks she knows all about me (so long)
I can't live like this forever
I can't imagine it will get much better
We can run around together
But we can't be alone
It's just not helping


How could you be so cruel
You know you're making a fool of me
I'm losing all expectations
And I know where you've been
Worst of all it was with him
You leave me feeling nothing at all
I just can't take it

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