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Tyler Ward

You know chuck norris never gonna stop me
I make his round house kicks look sloppy
I'm the terabyte added to the mac computer
And you're stuck in the days of a 3.5 floppy
And i swing it like a numb-chuck
All the game that you brought is bankin' on some dumb luck
I'm stacked, miami heat trio
You're a sinking' ship, leo deo

Open up the car door when you see me in the lamborghini
Yellow tie, i'm looking fly, hotter than a string bikini
Call me quarterbacker when i'm tossing' keys, eli manning
Not a roethlisberger cause i keep it at a squeaky clean
Steppin and a popin and i'm keeping it a rocking
Cause i'm feeling like an ice cream on a sunday
And i know they'll never stop me
I got pennies in my stocking
Cause i'm sicker and i'm calling in on monday

Everybody's hoppin like the energizer bunny
When you're feelin' thomas edison's electrifying shock
Now we bounce bounce up and down north and south
We be movin' so fast they be turning back the clock
Now pose, take a picture
Hang it in your house under mom's light fixture
D ward coming like a twister to your tongue
I make the melody go dum ditty dum

I fold you up while you callin' me insane
Throw you around like a paper airplane
Your taste ain't sweet like my fresh lemonade
Cause mr. pennybags, he ain't never gonna pay you
Pass you up, collect two bills
Leave you back in the colorado foot hills
Trekking through the club in my full suspension
Did you say my name?
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