Sex Is Back

Tyrants In Therapy

Sex is back
It's running hot and cool like a pussycat
stretching his back by the side of a swimming pool

Sex is back it never went away it came out of the underground
and it looks like sex is here to stay

Sex is back it's on the front page, too
A young housewife re-discovered it on Aisle 7 next to the air and food

Sex is back I thought it disappeared, but some people are saying you just can't keep a good thing down, they're calling it the comeback of the year

Sex is back
And not just for cats and fish
Somebody's reported that they're serving sex as an ala carte dish

Sex is back and if the President can
then every boy and every girl and even your old man can

Sex is back It just hauled off and came out of the woods
and the weird part about it is even the Republicans
are starting to think that sex is good

If you haven't heard that sex is back your head's stuck in the sand
if you don't know that sex is back
I simply have to make you understand
That sex is back...

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