Everybody Bawling


Everybody bawling
- They are calling out loud
Bawling for love
- The pleasure of love I tell you
Everybody asking
- Asking for what?
Askin' for love
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH!

Get good sound(???), brother
Huh! Good gosh, now we're shockin I tell you
Sound we could
Huh! Yeah, YEAH!
Break it up, one time
Huh! Break it up, break it up, I tell ya

Their hands and their hands
- Uh huh!
Not a penny in their pockets
- Suffer little children to come unto I
- For they shall inherit the whole world, I tell you
- Sing wid song

Everybody bawling
- Yeah YEAH!
Bawling for love
- Get me one time brother
Everybody asking
Asking for love

- Coz I'm callin' on the youths of today
- For they are so strong
- But I play my little song
- It's got a really strong beat for the back of the track
- Stay away you little renegade!
- Come over here and give me some sound

Everybody bawling
- Uh huh!
Bawling for love
- Really hot, Jack
Everybody asking
Asking for love

So you've got to hit this pot with all you've got
Coz love is all I bring
Huh! So you've got to let it ring
Till we got it (??)
I'm a try it
Speak me on
Yeah, YEAH!
Won't me show

This is the time when we must live as one
Love and cherish each and ev'ry one
Don't live in chain
Neither live in sin
Coz there are

- And some are laughing
Bawling for love
- Give a little more love I tell you
Everybody asking
- Let me tell you some lovin'
Asking for love

- Two brothers(?) in the kill be good so you got to be careful
- Huh! You come a cheerfully lil' earful
- Tit for tat I'm a trying
- ???? Yeah YEAH! Sing it out loud. We're shockin' I tell ya...
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