I'll Be Loving You Always

Uli Jon Roth

Something burns
In each and every kinda life...
Something yearns
In you and me and you alike...
Something is the one thing
That's in everything
That's here and there and that's alive
...and i'll be loving you tonight
...and i'll be loving you tomorrow

Last night was so lonely
We both had lost our way...
Each and every single step we'd undertake
Appeared to lead astray
But as sun created morning
All of the haze was finally cleared away
...and i'll be loving you today
...and i'll be loving you tomorrow

Within the roaming tiger
The huge leviathan
Within the holy ibis
Life's burning like a flame
In each and every little thing
That roams the planets and the skies
...and i'll be loving you tonight
...and i'll be loving you tonight...
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