Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats

In the town where I was from, there's nothing left to see
In the streets where the rats have fled, the tongues of flame lick me
I was there when the winter came
I was there through the fire and rain, alright?

The blanket dust and the winter fog had choked the life from me
The violet hour when the jailers ran was such a sight to see
I was there when the chill began
I saw the bones as they turned to sand, alright?

I traveled far with the Exodus when walked the other way
I saw the lies they fed to us, what could they really say?
I've felt alone in this atmosphere
It's hard to tell if there's people here
There's nothing more they can say to us
The time is right for the Exodus, alight!
You just do what they say
You just do what they say
You just do what they say
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