1. 1

    Undercover - Baker Street

  2. 2

    Undercover - Balikali

  3. 3

    Undercover - Lovesick

  4. 4

    Undercover - Every Breath You Take

  5. 5

    Undercover - Never Let Her Slip Away

  6. 6

    Undercover - Carmenita

  7. 7

    Undercover - Last Rites (There Is No Sky)

  8. 8

    Undercover - Best Friend

  9. 9

    Undercover - I Love You So

  10. 10

    Undercover - Land Of Luxury

  11. 11

    Undercover - Lift Me Up

  12. 12

    Undercover - Lovetown

  13. 13

    Undercover - Symbol (Brow Beats Version)

  14. 14

    Undercover - Tell Me everything about You

  15. 15

    Undercover - The Eyes Of Love

  16. 16

    Undercover - The Moon and the Blue Around

  17. 17

    Undercover - True

  18. 18

    Undercover - Union

  19. 19

    Undercover - Waiting For a Girl Like You

  20. 20

    Undercover - Work It Out



Everybody bring your body to love town.
Midnight madness
Moonlight gladness in love towil
Out in the dark
Under the stars there's a brand new horizon.
City full of lights - yes
It glows in the night and it's full of surprisin'.
Every doonnray has a fantasy land
That will shake up your mind (shaking up your mind).
Neon ladies selling rooms for romance on a twelve o'clock high.
Everybody bring your body to love town....
Out in the streets noone ever sleeps 'cos their body's on fire.
Up on the rooflove is onehundred proof

You get me goin' high and higher.
Every window has a shadow or two
Making love in the night (making love all night).
Look around you at your dreams coming true - the world's in your life.
Everybody bring your body to love town....
Every doorway has a fantasy land.
Everybody bring your body to love town....
Put your hands together.
Everybody bring your body to love town....

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