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So It Goes


Take us back - reawake
Take us back - erases the wrongs that plague us
Reawake - rewrite the page that changed me
Take us back - to the times of cherished past
Reawake - allow us to find the way
Endured a lifetime of cold frustration
Now lick the wounds and fight another day
Your hands will reach
The walls are coming down
Stand up against the rage
The walls are coming down
So it goes
So it goes
The blood pours from your heart
Hypnotize - allow us to find the way
Man down look around
Seven riffles to the sky
Lock and load, lock and load
Gung ho, Gung ho
Afraid of the rage you feel from a bullet named life
And a gun called pride, aim - fire
We fight to live or live to die
We all fight the same old wars
Will you fight to live or will you live to die
So it goes
Stand up to find the way
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