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Hate Celebration


Like devils we're born
At war against the house of lies
Hypocrisy, manipulation, exploration of human fear
Centuries of emptiness, centuries of oppression
Murderers blessed by god
Spiritual slavery

Walls of intolerance, secret pandemonium
Worshippers of images covered by gold
In the name of a mad politician and his virgin genitor
But the empire of the blessed men
Will fall down

Power and politics, that's the real face of Christianity!

A new order is coming
The unholy army will rise
Chaos in paradise
Destruction in heaven
The knights of god
Will be dismembered

Repeat 2nd verse

It's over now, we're the gods
Crush the idols
Hate celebration
It's time for vengeance
Unholy war
Hate celebration

The eternal dictator will be dethroned!
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