Hokey Pokey


You put your left foot in
You take your left foot out
You put your left foot in
Then just walk it on out
Do that hokey pokey
You put your right foot in
You take right foot out
You put your right foot in
Then just walk it on out
Do that hokey pokey

She want one she want two
She wanna do what the others won't do
Now do that hokey pokey
Do that hokey pokey
She love to grind she love to wine
Now turn around let us see it from behind
Do that hokey pokey (do that hokey pokey)
Do that hokey pokey (now do that hokey pokey)
Girl do that hokey pokey (now do that hokey pokey)
Do that hokey pokey (that hokey pokey)

Give them what they want get the money aint trippin
On it yeah im still a g out the hood do ya feel homie
Wine-o i love to dance some but i don't dance though
Thugs probly hear everybody hit the dance floor
This your song this your bang go ahead get into it
Girls in them tight jeans lord have mercy when they do it
Keep it clean in my yo my car smell like jelly beans
Stocks in the doors got my pockets for some aphesis
Oh it appear the pen broke bush you neva get my vote
The rest of these fake politicians on that okey dokey
Classin to that hokey poke clubs see it aint a joke
Feelin dime feeling bad this is your anecdote

Walk it out do the hokey pokey then you turn around
Stomp it out when your hear the song you know it's goin down
Never stole what was mine now you gotta pay me
Now i got the stocks of a nq asian

She love the watch she love the chain she like the way
The pinky ring is bling-a-ling (a bling-a-ling)
Now hit the dance floor (now hit the dance floor)
Now walk it out (now walk it out)
Ey do the hokey pokey baby turn it up
Damn! you do your thang in them jeans
Honk get out a loobie save some for me
Big bank roll this what it is (this what it is)
Look at me dj unk i make it rain in here

Lets get to the demit it lets get to debrit it
Its funny how this money stacking call me wine did it
Now tell me is this city i met this bad gal
She want me to rub her kitty so i rubbed the kitty
It was real pretty (real pretty) and real soft (real soft)
But it jumped up my arms and it ran off
I never had doe i always had clothes
If im happy or im pissed imma get it!
Im booster parked (booster parked) after dark (after dark)
Till i press the bull pump you gonna see the sparks
I take a nickel everywhere i go i keep it go sharp in the ride
Call it mop and glow (so put the 50's)
I know im frowning i know my pants sag
I got plenty g's you spent all ya had
Hokey poking never hit ya still got plenty
I do some beats ha! im steady winning
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