B' G' Z (True Story)


Magnolia $limm talking:
What Up wit cha'll niggaz ha? I got 1of tha' most ruthless( and hoe I mean
deadly ya' see)
boyz u could know , wit one of tha youngest killaz of all tyme ya understand
My peopla'z Yella & my lil bratha'Lil' Doogie AKA Baby Gangsta !
Im' here 2 tell ya' bout dis pussy azz ,12th ward cheerleader name Mystikal

Yella Boy talking:
Or as we here out dat 3rd ward call'em Mysti-"HOE" boy!
$limm tell talk 2 em bout dis' Big Boy BITCH ! Ha-bruh........

Magnolia $limm 1st verse:
Imma do like ol'Yella say and drag u to da' river,
Ya'bitch what is u thinkin talk to me like u a killer "YOU A HOE"
Ya faggot weave wearin' holl'n bout "Hear I go"
When B.Geezy walked up to yo car and punched ya in ya throat.
Now you screemin when ya rappin', cocksucker gaurd cha' grill
Cuzzin' We bad on tha brown , Ya see how Michelle got killed..Knucca'Up !

B.G. 2nd verse:
Don't fuck around wit me, I'm from uptown I'll have U screamin "HELP"!
You come 'round half steppin' best believe U gone get delt
Mystikal you's a hoe - Its time I let U Know
My glock 45 got a boot camp foe U hoe
Uptown you bound 2 get yo wig split,I rep13 dats where I'm from U suck dick
Now dat's a shame U rappin just to get a name
You cant survive in dis game 'cause yall niggaz lame.

Yella Boy 3rd verse:
See I'm Yella Boy tha man and I reps it well
Bitch its gone be Cash Money to send ya strait to hell
Tick tock of the week hour, shit gettin sour,Imma kill U ya' fuckin coward
I gets down and dirty from that UPT, Mystikal ya' bitch U gone R-I-P
Baby tell me Yella go on wit cha' dogg azz
But Nolia $limm my witness whoodie, Dis Nigga N trouble.

B.G. talkin:
Dis a True Story nigga !!
I wanna holla at Baby and Suga Slim, DJ Mannie Fresh, and tha'whole
Cash Money Records family bitch foe tha '93 ya heard me?
How U luvin' dat one
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