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The Renouncement

Unsilent Phenomenon

Then Sun will die
I'll come to rule.
Then you can lie
And think it's true

No war, no peace
Just only Hell!
And you, young priest
Will earn dark spell.

Don't you so tired
In cage of Life?
Feel smell of freedom
With Evil sign.

You wrong, if you think
You're lead by God.
The Prophesy can't fails me
It's in your heart.

Sleep well, my little king,
I'll come in to your dream.
You'll see the plan of mine,
Dark Prince, wait for my sign.

And now, my son,
Let's break the rules.
Kill faith inside,
Renounce with fools.

Unchain your mind,
It's your last dream.
Get my last sign,
Dark reign, begin!
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