Redemption I Am


"I alike you in ways that I am
Beside you as you slip away, I am...
And I am, awake as you sleep I am
The poison that fills your mind..I am..
I am, haunting your dreams I am
The shadow, so familiar that lurks I am
I am here with you, the one granting your fantasies true
I'll give you the world!!!
Fuck your god, he is dead, his "holy" cross is stained with red...
I can read you like an open book
Your pages ficker with the warmth of candlelight's
Soft glowing emotion written upon thy wall, I will lift you as we fall...
"Read to me, read to me this day, and I will listen.
These words do not fall on deaf ears.
"Trust in me, I've bled for the direction of your ways
Redemption I am...
Cast me not aside, you say...
For temptation is the instrumentation of this death
I am the way and the light
Salvation can only come through your trust in me
And I am here...
Redemption I am (x4)
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