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Brazen Bull of Phalaris


Forged of bronze a brazen bull
A tool of death
Never a sculpture cast so cruel
Its smoke incense

A toast to its lust for human fuel
Burned from within with no clemency
Condemned to death
It's own maker perished within thee

The rest locked in
From the depths of misanthropy
Scorched bones shone like jewels
Morbid bracelets

Made in to amulets sold to fools
The screams the ox
Ghastly sounds surge from the bull

The pain the howls the pipes of the bull
The cruel despot of zeus
Power unleashed tyrants retribution

The screams, the tenderest most
Pathetic, melodious of belongings.

Disgust of man's cancer of worlds
Invent our ruin
Destroyer of worlds
In the guise of invention
Racing to self-destruction
Explained away by intention

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