I'il Comeback

V-Town Have-Nots

So now I already know
Was his peace that I took
Forgive me for being bad
But I knew I had missed

I see you on the phone
Now you have a new friend
But I got my homies
But in the end we are alone
I just want to comeback to home

I kiss you more time
But now I can only in my mind
Because I am far rigth now
But one day comeback to my town

Hey hey why you lie
Now I found the truth not your life
But this is not my
It comes from you
But i just see

In the streets looking for or one's soul
I keep going alone
You just this low
One day I'll Become

Yeah! I have the only truth
Never be me and you
You were not made to me
Because I am the "VT"
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