Where We Start

Vance Joy

Storm rolled in to our surprise
It doesn't rain under the tall trees
You were my love, you were my tree
You would always protect me
It's easier to take a heart than let your own by taken
I love that little smile you keep in the corner of your mouth
And is it hard to see me go?
Doing things the wrong way
If you're here, when I fall
I know I won't fall a long way
A long way

We were talking on the phone
I stepped out into the hallway
My face was frozen on the screen
And you started laughing
Put a cone through your hair
And a clean shirt on
There's people come 'round here soon
Everyone, act normal
Big trees fall all the time
They crack and sound like lightning
Leave a big space in your sky when they fall
When they fall a long way
A long way

Pick me up
Fill my cup now
Take me down, down to where we start
Let's go too far now
All tangled up
Take me down, down to where we start
Down to where we start
Where we start
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