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Fool's Errand


What do you take me for
If but a fool
For i'm the only one
Who'd lend an ear to you

Hard are the times going by
But you insist
Whe one would stretch a hand
You'd raise a fist

Quit tossing about and tell me
What is it you wanna hear
If you take it all for granted
What is it you fear

No-one can say
No-one can tell
The fool is running loose now

Enter the fray
And face your hell
It's up for you to choose how

Don't cry out for an answer
That you already know...

Am i unbreakable?
Am i invincible?
Or have i been defeated long ago...

You tread on everything
Never enough
You've got to show the world
Just how you're tough

What you expect from life
Is something we've all seen before
Run on, someday you might
Settle your score

Am i unstoppable
If no-one looks twice as i go
Am i uncatchable
If where i'm off to no-one knows
Am i untouchable
It no-one ever gets so close

Am i unbreakable
Am i invicible
Am i untameable
Have i all the reason yet?

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