That's When I Love You

Vasser Phil

Phil Vasser-That's When I Love You When I hear you stop and laugh out loud; When you're falling fast asleep; When you're in the middle of the crowd; When you're lying close to me; When I hear you softly say my name; When you're high and when you're low; You don't need me to explain, you already know. When you smile that way; I know every night and day: CHORUS: That's when I love you, when I need you, when I care about you. That's when I know without a doubt that I can't live withoutyou. Everyday I find another reason, every season we go through. Every little thing you do, that's when I love you. When you're driving in your car; When you dance and sing to the radio; When you're walking underneath the stars; Anywhere and everywhere you go. You're dressed up or you're dressed down. When you're talking on the phone; A milllion people all around. When you're all alone; You're near, your far, you're in my heart No matter where you are. CHORUS When you smile (you smile) That way (that way) I know, every night and day: CHORUS 2X

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