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Revolution 101

Velvet Acid Christ

psycho driven insanity
of man and machine
a technological thriller
based on a psycho killer

into the dream on the pretty tv screen
you scream in fear, 'cause the end is near

psychological warfare on the masses, hysteria
anarchy is the true freedom
but the path needs pavement
to overcome the flaws of this system
this system

media lies to help hypnotize you
digital tension

right wing fascist
mentally deficient

masses of people
believe the rhetoric of the churches
and the state, and in the media
where they believe
peace is war, love is hate
yes means no, and segregate
a life is a dime or a quota
for the ruling class

johnny, take your gun
to the center, to the square
raise hell bring it all down
revolution 101

emergency, no plight, no cause to be free
forever and ever
a system of a stupid laboring class
that believes all the crap
that they read from the mainstream
and the right wing
for separation, oppression of anyone
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