Say A Prayer


Feeling kinda lost again
Seems I have a lot of friends
But here another lonely night
On this cold apartment floor
I can't sleep another blink now
My heart breaks when I think of how
Someone else is hurting worse than me
Tonight, when I think of you
Remember me

Say a prayer
A song to lift the lonely heart
All around the world
A spark lighting up the night
Say a prayer
A cry for every desperate life
We're not alone inside this fight
Hope is always near
Say a prayer

At the end of harder days
Even when the morning breaks
I can see you in my mind, dancing in the rain
On our own we're broken melodies
Together we can make symphony
So let us sing and hear the beauty as one
Tonight, when I think of you
Remember me

Tonight, wake me up
Let me remember the forgotten ones
Tonight, when all is lost
I know you will never let me go
Tonight, tonight
Say a prayer
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