The Stars Where We Came From

VHS or Beta

Crawlin' on my hands and my knees
Just to get there
It's heavy and I'm starting to bleed
But I just can't leave it
I'm sad enough to know that I'm happy
And I just can't feel it
And I'm prayin' just to keep my beleifs
And I hope that you'll be there

Savin' every breath that I have
Just to keep this
The ground beneath my feet starts to shake
And I know that I'm fallin'
I got to ?rope to know?like i know bout to live
I know I'll only have this one life to give
And ?either rest of you ran out? to the Stars
Where we came from

Would you come and take this from me
If you knew that I was real
Would you take the life of every
Heart you'd ever steal
I stay awake and run through every
???[coated] field
And would you come and lay me down
Then leave whats broken here
Yeah would break the hope and promise
Of every single day
Would you drop the fear of giving
everything away?
Would I want to see you runnin'
If I knew that we had died
So would you come and save this feeling
And at least know that we tried

oh yeah yeah yeah yeah (x9)
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