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Castle Of Sand

Via Crucix


It´s been a long time,
Since your left your place, your land
Looking for your dreams, now you see they´re castles of sand
You see the things have changed, just look back in the time
Trying capture for a moment those days you used to cry

Now if you´ve got ears
Listen very carefully, don´t you run
Don´t treat your life as a sheet of paper
Cos we all know paper...is easy to burn

Watch out your life is a castle of sand
Thin or Thick, short or tall
No matter how you make it
It always falls

Sometimes it´s easy to know,
Sometimes it´s hard to believe
You dont´wanna look to God, scared for your sins
Someday you will find out, just what love is all about.
You´ll finally understand why the son was sent to us.

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