3 Piece Loincloth

Victims Family

Creepy, college educated, straight-laced, middle class, got a good
career and some great prospects, well respected in the community,
he works for the Republicans, drives a late model white Miata or
something like that, anyway he's got the usual facade and at night
he drives around and rapes and kills just for kicks.
He's a well-respected, self-righteous, upstanding, good person,
likes to be spanked while he's wearing a diaper, looking at the world
from the fitieth floor, I wish you'd fucking jump, but you only laugh
more. "The world's my oyster, so ripe for the picking but I just can't
live unless you're my victim."
Oh he's such a handsome, neat well-groomed guy, perfect pecs
from the soloflex, likes to kill for anal sex, what a fucking
scumbag, such a nice happy slasher, "Oh she wouldn't give her
love, so I had to kill her" he's a caveman in a three piece
loincloth suit, clothes make the man, what a charming young brute.
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