Crazy Mary

Victoria Williams

She lived on curve in a road
in old tar paper shack,on the southside of town
on the wrong side of the tracks
sometimes on the wayinto town
we´d say mamma can stop and give her a ride
sometimes we did,but her hands flew from her side
wild eye,crazy Mary

down long dirt road
past the parson´s place
had a old blue car,we used to race
little coutry store
with a sinng tracked to the
said no L.o.i.t.e.r.i.n.g allowed
undernith that sing always congregated
quiet and crowd


take a bottle,drink it down,pass it around 3X

on night thunder cracked,mercy backed outside
her window still dreamed i was flying
high above the trees over the hills
looked into the house of mary
unbracable newpaper covered walls
and Mary risingup above it all...all

this moning on the way into town
i saw some skid mrks and followed
themaroud,over the curve throught
the fields into the house of Mary
that what you fear the most
cold meet you halfway 2x

take a bottle,drinkit down pass it around
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