Bad Trip

Vitamin X

Elimination?, eradication?
What we need is regulation!
War on drugs; a bunch of lies
And we're the ones who pay the price

Society makes me fucking sick
That's why I'm on a Bad Trip

Millions of people behind bars
Government's fighting a civil war
Dealers, (drug)lords, gangs and crime
This policy fucking blows my mind

Song about our fucked up society in general,
and this ridiculous war on drugs.
World governments have spent hundreds of
billions of dollars trying to make the world
'drug-free'. Yet heroin, cocaine, etc. are
cheaper, purer and easier to get than ever
before. The rates of death, disease, crime and
addiction have skyrocketed. The war on drugs
is also a war on race and gender; millions of
people are behind bars on minor drug charges
(like smoking a joint) especially women and
people of color.
The average sentence in the US for a first time,
non-violent drug offender is LONGER than
the average sentence for rape, manslaughter,
bank robbery or child molestation!!!
This is totally insane! People should not be
punished for what they put into their bodies,
but only for crimes committed against others.
What we need is education and regulation!
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